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Airbus launches the ACJ TwoTwenty, jet is an A220 in the executive version and a direct competitor of the Embraer Lineage 1000 | MORE THAN FLY

The first ACJ TwoTwenty is scheduled to enter service in early 2023.


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Airbus Corporate Jets launched the ACJ TwoTwenty jet, an executive version of the A220 jet that are used in the commercial aviation sector. The jet is a direct competitor to the Embraer Lineage 1000 jet. With that, Airbus creates a new market segment “The Xtra Large Bizjet.” This offer includes for the first time a flexible cabin catalogue, addressing the requirements of the heavy and long-range business jet categories.


“We are proud to extend the ACJ product Family with the launch of the ACJ TwoTwenty. The aircraft combines intercontinental range, unmatched personal space and comfort for all passengers. This latest technology platform offers unbeatable economics and unrivalled reliability,”said Benoit Defforge, President ACJ. “Based on its compelling market appeal, we see promising demand for this aircraft in the growing business jet market.”


While occupying the same parking space and being able to take off from the same airports as competing business jets, the Airbus promises to bring the ACJ TwoTwenty to the market by offering three times as much cabin space, with one-third less operating costs benefiting from the high performance of the Airbus A220 Family.


Airbus launches the ACJ TwoTwenty, jet is an A220 in the executive version and a direct competitor of the Embraer Lineage 1000 | MORE THAN FLY

The ACJ TwoTwenty is an Airbus A220-100 based aircraft, with advanced materials and the latest technology. The cabin will offer connectivity, a Wi-Fi system throughout the cabin and more recent innovations such as electro-chromatic windows and LED lighting.


The ACJ TwoTwenty will have an increased range enabling the aircraft to fly up to 5,650 nm/10,500 km (over 12 flight hours), directly connecting city pairs like London and Los Angeles, Moscow and Jakarta, Tokyo and Dubai as well as Beijing and Melbourne, benefitting the entire A220 Programme.


Comlux, with its ACJ-approved completion center in Indianapolis and proven experience in outfitting and upgrading VIP interiors, has been selected as exclusive partner for the outfitting of the first 15 cabins to the latest addition of the ACJ programme. Leveraging Comlux’s long standing experience in business jet operations as well as cabin outfitting, its knowledgeable completion team is partnering with ACJ’s Head of Creative Design, Sylvain Mariat. He is recognized for having created the most innovative flying experiences.


Featuring unmatched personal space with 73m²/785 ft² of floor space distributed over six wide VIP living areas, the ACJ TwoTwenty offers selected interior arrangements and handcrafted furnishing. The cabin will allow up to 18 passengers to work, share, dine and relax at their discretion thanks to its cabin versatility and options suiting their needs and taste - all this under the tagline “Reimagine your place in the sky…”


And you already have an order and Launch Client for ACJ TwoTwenty


Airbus Corporate Jets has won its first orders for the ACJ TwoTwenty totalling six aircraft following its launch. While Comlux has revealed an order for two aircraft, four further jets were ordered by undisclosed customers.


Entry into service of the first ACJ TwoTwenty by Comlux Aviation is targeted for early 2023.


Airbus launches the ACJ TwoTwenty, jet is an A220 in the executive version and a direct competitor of the Embraer Lineage 1000 | MORE THAN FLY

The new ACJ TwoTwenty will feature a high end VIP cabin interior, supported by a flexible cabin catalogue, from which Comlux has selected the business and guest lounge (photo above) as well as a private entertainment space and a private suite, including a bathroom. The cabin, set to “Reimagine your place in the sky...” will be equipped with large full lie flat seats, a US-king size bed (photo below), a standing rainshower, a humidifying system for well-being on board and  leading edge connectivity.


Airbus launches the ACJ TwoTwenty, jet is an A220 in the executive version and a direct competitor of the Embraer Lineage 1000 | MORE THAN FLY

“We are proud to be the launch customer of the Airbus’ newest family member, the ACJ TwoTwenty and the selected partner to outfit the cabin in our completion center in Indianapolis. We have worked jointly with ACJ and shared our long experience in operating and completing all types of aircraft, to allow the new Bizjet to offer more comfort and the latest cabin innovations available in the industry, “ said Richard Gaona, Executive Chairman & CEO Comlux. “Thanks to the unique combination of intercontinental range, comfort, extra space and second-to-none economics, we are convinced the aircraft will be a winner in the business aviation market.”


“We are honoured to see our longstanding client Comlux becoming the launch customer of our new ACJ TwoTwenty as well as our cabin completion partner on the programme, “ said Benoit Defforge, President ACJ. “Our new extra Large Bizjet will seamlessly complement Comlux’s portfolio - and we are convinced the aircraft will become a flagship addition to their fleet.”


Airbus supports more than 500 airline and corporate jet customers with one of the largest support networks in the world, including services tailored to business jet needs.


More than 200 Airbus corporate jets are in service on every continent, including Antarctica.

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