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Cirrus Aircraft Announces Vision Jet G2 Plus | MORE THAN FLY
Photo © Cirrus Aircraft - Disclosure.

Cirrus Aircraft announced the reinvention of the Cirrus Vision Jet: the G2 Plus, which offers a performance boost to expand the aircraft's operational possibilities, as well as the Gogo® InFlight WiFi that offers the experience of being connected while flying. The G2 Plus has new external finishing options, making the aircraft even more attractive. These new additions reflect Cirrus Aircraft's interest in maintaining a steady pace of innovation, integrating design and technology with Garmin®'s Autothrottle, Safe Return™ Emergency Autoland System, and Perspective Touch+™ panel.


 “The Vision Jet G2 Plus is the next step in the ongoing transformation of personal aviation,” said Zean Nielsen, CEO of Cirrus Aircraft. “The improvement in takeoff performance, and the implementation of Wi-Fi on board, show Cirrus Aircraft's concern to constantly meet the emerging demands of customers. This new model means another evolution for personal aviation, which was only possible due to the excellence of the Cirrus Aircraft team.”


Cirrus Aircraft Announces Vision Jet G2 Plus | MORE THAN FLY
Photo © Cirrus Aircraft - Disclosure.


Improved Performance to Expand Possibilities


The Vision Jet is known for its versatility in solving business and personal travel needs. With the newcomer G2 Plus, the Williams FJ33-5A engine has been optimized for an acceleration profile that predicts up to a 20% improvement in takeoff performance. The improvement in performance is combined with the possibility of operating the aircraft up to 31,000 feet – announced with the Vision Jet G2 in 2019 – and guarantees greater range, load capacity and safety in operations on hot days and/or at high altitudes. These new features open up an even wider range of possibilities for landing sites around the world.


Onboard Wi-Fi Connection Experience with Gogo


Available first-hand, the Vision Jet G2 Plus features Gogo's AVANCE L3 system, which allows Wi-Fi connection on board the aircraft, keeping your passengers connected without the need to interrupt personal and/or commercial communication activities with the soil. USB-C ports, too, were implemented for the convenience of customers, keeping even the most modern devices fully charged during the flight.


Seeking convenience for customers, Cirrus Aircraft includes signing up for Gogo InFlight WiFi through membership in the JetStream program. The JetStream program is designed to offer more than just a standard aircraft warranty, and extends to offering training programs, direct customer support, subscription programs (such as Jeppsen) and more services that warrant a worry-free experience.


Revamped Design for a Better Solo Experience


For an even better experience on the ground and in flight, new exterior paint options such as Titan Grey, Volt and Bimini Blue are now available for the Vision Jet G2 Plus, which join the new fuselage lines and curves in fiberglass. carbon. From the outside, pilots and passengers enter the most spacious cabin in its class, made with premium leather, reinforced seats, noise reduction and an immersive experience through the panoramic windows of the Vision Jet.


Cirrus Aircraft Announces Vision Jet G2 Plus | MORE THAN FLY
Photo © Cirrus Aircraft - Disclosure.


The Evolution of Vision Jet


Launched in 2016, the Vision Jet defined a new category in aviation – the Personal Jet – with its spacious cabin for pilots and passengers, offering panoramic windows, reclining seats, legroom for five adults and two children, and the only one aircraft to have a parachute system included for the entire structure. In 2018, a new brand was conquered by the Cirrus Aircraft team when they received the historic Robert J. Collier trophy from the National Aeronautics Association, for the technological evolution of the Vision Jet.


In early 2019, the company announced the launch of the Vision Jet G2, with improved performance, greater comfort and safety. Innovative features have enabled greater altitudes, speed and range of the aircraft while cruising, as well as a set of Perspective Touch+ screens from Garmin. What's more, the Vision Jet G2 Plus includes pioneering Autothrottle, Flight Stream connection and more.


The Vision Jet has a recent advance in conjunction with air traffic regulators through the certification of the Safe Return autonomous landing system that gives passengers the ability to land the plane at the touch of a button in an emergency. Recently, Garmin's autonomous landing technology was recognized by the Robert J. Collier trophy award that had previously been awarded to Cirrus Aircraft for the CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System). By combining Safe Return and CAPS, Vision Jet offers a comprehensive security experience.


The company also announced VisionAir™ in 2020, a revolutionary subscription program for Vision Jet. Designed to be an essential piece of the pilot or owner experience, VisionAir includes everything needed to own, operate or manage a Vision Jet – making personal jet ownership even more accessible.


Currently, the total number of Visions in operation surpasses the 260 mark, including more than 500 trained pilots. Deliveries of the Vision Jet G2 Plus are planned for early August 2021.

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