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LATAM Brazil Regains 77% of its Domestic Flights Network Seat Supply in August

LATAM in Brazil is resuming 77% of its domestic seat supply (ASK) in August compared to August 2019 (pre-pandemic period), with 418 daily domestic flights. In practice, the airline offer in the country in August 2021 is almost three times greater (277%) than in August 2020. The South, Southeast and Midwest regions drive the resumption with an increase in flights; in the Northeast, there will be growth in Ceará, Maranhão and Bahia.


LATAM Brazil Regains 77% of its Domestic Fligts Network Seat Supply in August | Photo © Herbert Monfre - Airplane photographer - Events - Advertising - Essays - Hire the photographer by e-mail cmsherbert@hotmail.com | Image produced by Herbert Pictures - MORE THAN FLY

In July 2021 (compared to July 2019), LATAM registered in the Brazilian domestic market a passenger demand (measured in RPK) of 75% and a seat supply (measured in ASK) of 76.2%, resulting in an occupancy rate of 81.8%.


“We remain confident as the vaccination process advances in the fight against the pandemic in Brazil and people resume their travel plans. We will remain attentive to all opportunities to expand our operation to serve those who intend to fly for leisure or for work”, said Diogo Elias, Sales and Marketing director at LATAM Brasil.


In all, LATAM flies to 44 destinations in Brazil, the same number before the pandemic. The 44 destinations are: São Paulo (Congonhas), São Paulo (Guarulhos), Brasília, Fortaleza, Florianópolis, Belo Horizonte (Confins), Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro (Galeão), Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont), Campo Grande, Cuiabá , Belém, Porto Alegre, Aracaju, Salvador, Ilhéus, Porto Seguro, Recife, Maceió, Vitória, Natal, Foz do Iguaçu, Navegantes, Manaus, Goiânia, Londrina, João Pessoa, Teresina, São Luís, Uberlândia, Rio Branco, Imperatriz, Palmas, Maringá, Porto Velho, São José do Rio Preto, Ribeirão Preto, Boa Vista, Marabá, Macapá, Joinville, Santarém, Jaguaruna and Chapecó.


As announced here recently, LATAM will open new destinations in Brazil as of November this year and, thus, surpass the number of cities served in Brazil before the pandemic, reaching 49 airports in the country.


International Flights from Brazil


From Brazil to abroad, LATAM continues to operate 20% of its seat supply (measured in ASK) compared to August 2019, with flights reinstated to 13 destinations (Santiago, Madrid, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Asunción, Montevideo, Cidade do Mexico, Miami, New York, Buenos Aires, Cancun, Paris and Bogotá).


This entire operation is subject to the evolution of the pandemic, as well as travel restrictions established by the countries.


Global Operation of the LATAM Group


Adding all its branches, the LATAM Group expects to resume up to 49% of its total seat supply (in ASK) in August 2021, compared to August 2019, and expects to surpass the 50% mark by the end of the third quarter this year. In July of this year, the LATAM Group had taken over 45.6% of the ASK.


Also, the LATAM Group should operate 891 daily flights (domestic and international) this month to 116 destinations in 16 countries. In the cargo division, the company forecasts 1,020 flights in cargo aircraft, which represents 19% more than in the same month of 2019.


In July 2021 (compared to July 2019), the LATAM Group recorded a passenger demand (measured in RPK) of 39.8% and a seat supply (measured in ASK) of 45.6%, resulting in a occupancy rate of 73.8% (reduction of 10.6 percentage points). In cargo transportation, also compared to July 2019, it registered an occupancy of 62% (an increase of 9.2 percentage points).


* This article was translated from Portuguese Brazil to Inv robotically

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