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LATAM Group Affirms the Purchase of 28 Airbus A320neo Aircraft

The LATAM Airlines group submitted an agreement with Airbus for the approval of the Court in the United States for the purchase of 28 new aircraft, which will be added to the 42 narrowbody (single-aisle category aircraft) already agreed, as part of the modernization and efficiency plan of the your fleet for years to come. This order, which totals 70 aircraft, maintains the LATAM group's fleet as the largest in Latin America, with greater range and capacity. The integration of A320neo (photo) family aircraft implies more efficient engines, aerodynamic improvements and the latest technologies that provide 20% more efficiency in fuel consumption and, therefore, lower CO2 emissions, in addition to a 50% reduction in fuel emissions. nitrogen oxide and 50% noise pollution.


LATAM Group affirms the purchase of 28 Airbus A320neo aircraft | Photo © Herbert Monfre - Airplane photographer - Events - Advertising - Essays - Hire the photographer by e-mail cmsherbert@hotmail.com | Image produced by Herbert Pictures - MORE THAN FLY

With the signing of this agreement, the group intends to strengthen its operations in all its affiliates across the continent with a modern fleet and maximum environmental efficiency, one of the pillars of its sustainability strategy. It also seeks to consolidate the widest range of destinations within and from Latin America and the Caribbean, in line with the connectivity agreements with Delta, currently being analyzed by various regulatory bodies in the countries where the group operates.


“The purchase of these highly efficient aircraft is a sign of the commitment we have made to transforming to a carbon neutral LATAM by 2050. At the same time, these 70 aircraft reinforce the region's connectivity scale. We will continue to work responsibly to leave Chapter 11 with a fleet that can keep up with the group's new challenges”, said Roberto Alvo, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group.

Arturo Barreira, President of Airbus for Latin America and the Caribbean, added: "The decision of the LATAM group to continue incorporating A320neo aircraft demonstrates its great commitment to sustainability. The A320neo features state-of-the-art engines, sharklets, and an innovative cabin, being the most comfortable, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly single-aisle aircraft in the world."


*This article was translated from Portuguese to English robotically via Google Translate.

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