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LATAM, which has already taken back 75% of its domestic seat supply in Brazil and will end 2021 with more destinations in the country than before the pandemic, will hire 1,000 airport employees across the country by December this year. Hirings are open for the position of Airport Agent in all of the company's Brazilian bases, mainly in Fortaleza (FOR), Brasilia (BSB), Sao Paulo - Congonhas Airport (CGH) and Guarulhos (GRU). The volume represents 25% of the company's total Airport Agents today.


This is the third time that LATAM announces hirings due to its resumption process. In May, it announced the beginning of 750 hiring of pilots and stewards and, in June – we published here. l , 180 more professionals for your aircraft maintenance center in São Carlos (view details below, or click here to read LATAM's plans in Brazil for the second semester 2021).


Jobs: LATAM will hire 1,000 employees by December, 250 will be for airport agents | Photo © Herbert Monfre - Airplane photographer - Events - Advertising - Essays - Hire the photographer by e-mail cmsherbert@hotmail.com | Image produced by Herbert Pictures - MORE THAN FLY

“We are confident in the resumption of air travel as the vaccination process progresses and, consequently, tourists and corporate travelers resume their travel plans. It is always a source of joy to open the doors so that more people can join our team, especially at a time like this”, says Mauro Peneda, Airport Director at LATAM Airlines Brasil.


For the first hires, already in progress, the company prioritized around 130 employees who had been dismissed in 2020 due to the pandemic and who are already returning to the company in August. Next month, the first 200 professionals selected from the LATAM Talent Bank are expected to start their activities.




As an Airport Agent, the professional must perform the operational activities related to customer service at check-in, ticket store, check-out, boarding, disembarking and baggage handling, complying with established standards, in order to ensure safety and excellence in the customer service, ensuring the high standard and delivering the results expected by LATAM


The selection is open to people of multiple origins, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, cultures, abilities and points of view, and LATAM encourages people with disabilities to also participate in the process. 

Interested parties must register their résumés in the LATAM Talent Bank by the 31st of August. 

The requirements for the position are: complete high school, basic knowledge of the Office package, experience in customer service, interpersonal skills, flexibility, creativity, empathy and adaptability.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Candidates who are interested in applying must click on the link above which will redirect you to a new page. Candidates prepare some time and a quiet place of silence, as they must complete the logical reasoning test where they have a very short time to answer each question lasting 1 minute for each question. The company has a habit of making large statements occupying half the time of the question, thus inducing the candidate's ability to reason quickly. Remembering that MORE THAN FLY is an aviation and news website founded in 2008 and not linked to LATAM Airlines, it does not indicate candidates' resumes for companies. The information in this article is from exclusive sources sent by LATAM Airlines' own advisory. We do not agree with fakenews.




Over the past three months, LATAM has been betting on the improvement of the airline industry and began a process of gradual, albeit optimistic, recovery to “come out of this crisis stronger than we entered it”, as stated by Jerome Cadier, CEO of LATAM Brasil.


Check out the company's main recent moves in this regard below:


 A. Air network: LATAM has already taken back 75% of its seat supply in the Brazilian domestic market compared to 2019 (pre-pandemic period) and has just announced 4 new destinations (Jericoacoara, Juazeiro do Norte, Petrolina and Vitória da Conquista) to accelerate its resumption in Brazil – we published here. The new bases and increased flights will make LATAM resume 87% of its domestic seat supply in the country in November this year, in addition to ending 2021 with 49 destinations in the national territory, surpassing the 44 airports served before the pandemic. From Brazil to abroad, LATAM has already resumed operations to 12 destinations and hopes to return with its 26 international destinations as soon as the restrictions in the countries are removed.


B. Aircraft fleet: LATAM currently operates in Brazil with 123 aircraft, equivalent to 82% of the company's current fleet in the country. The expectation is to close 2021 with 85% of the total (with 127 aircraft flying daily), when it is expected to resumption of almost 100% of the pre-pandemic seat supply. Currently, LATAM has 149 aircraft in the Brazilian fleet with an average of 10 years of use.


C. People: in addition to hiring 1 thousand airport agents throughout Brazil by December, LATAM is the only airline in the country that is hiring 750 crew members for its operations this year. So far, around 250 crew members have joined the company, all of which were readmitted after the large cut that had to be made in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Also, at the LATAM Maintenance Center in São Carlos (SP) 80 professionals have already been hired and, by the end of this year, another 100 temporary hirings are expected, especially to meet the resumption of the Retrofit Project (modernization of the interior of the cabins of the aircraft).


D. Cargo: LATAM Cargo unit announced, in May this year, the expansion of the Boeing 767 cargo fleet from 11 to 21 aircraft by 2023 – we published here. In July alone, the forecast for the entire group was 1,030 flights in aircraft cargo ships, which represents 20% more than in the same month of 2019.


LATAM Cargo has a mixed fleet of aircraft for its operations, using both the hold of aircraft intended for passenger flights and dedicated freighters.




Three major initiatives by LATAM are highlighted here, in line with the movement to retake the air sector:


A. Retrofit: by September 2022, the cabins of 30 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft of the LATAM Brasil fleet will be remodeled, in addition to 44 more aircraft of the same model belonging to the fleets of other LATAM Group affiliates. This process, called retrofit, is the largest investment in the Group's history - around US$ 400 million - with half of this amount earmarked especially for the operation of LATAM Brasil.


B. Technological Innovation: the project is in its second phase, with the launch of an exclusive feature, the LATAM Wallet, and a new and unique experience for the LATAM Pass, the company's loyalty program. The new digital experience, launched in February, focused its first phase on four pillars: New purchase flow on the website; It has a profile with all customer information in one place; Personalized notifications; and Automatic Check-in.


C. Sustainability: in May, the LATAM Group made commitments to sustainability in four major areas: Environmental Management, Climate Change, Circular Economy and Shared Value.


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