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 Air Europa Maintenance receives FAA Repair Station Certification


Air Europa Maintenance has received FAA Repair Station certification for its bases in Madrid and Barcelona. As a result, the company is authorized to carry out technical assistance, repairs and periodic maintenance checks on commercial aircraft operating under US registration.


Air Europa Maintenance receives FAA Repair Station Certification  – CLICK AND READ MORE at "MORE THAN FLY". Since 2008. A Website about Aviation | Investments | News | Travel | Tourism | Photography | Events | Employment

With the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Air Europa Maintenance significantly improves its offering, expanding its services to all aircraft registered by the United States Aeronautical Authority.


The company achieved FAA certification after complying with a demanding process with the Spanish State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA), under the bilateral agreement between the US and the European Union. Throughout the entire process, the employees of these bases received extensive and complete training to offer the best line maintenance service on the Boeing 787-8, -9 and Airbus A330-200, -300 fleets.


According to the certificate obtained, the bases in Madrid and Barcelona can carry out daily, transit and weekly inspections and inspections, as well as the correction of damage that may occur in the aircraft. The possibility of expanding the scope of the service offered according to the needs that customers may have is also not ruled out.


For Air Europa Maintenance, obtaining the certification was an achievement and recognition for the work done. “The most rewarding thing about this project has been the teamwork of practically all areas of our Technical Management, with emphasis on the coordination in the areas of Production, Instruction and Quality”, says Pedro Macías, Maintenance Director at Air Europa, for whom FAA certification is key to the transformation plan in which we are immersed.


“Achieving FAA Repair Station certification is another step in our transformation and expansion plan, in which we can offer the best service to our current and future customers. We are fully prepared to provide the best quality and price service to these fleets for which we are certified, highlighting the B787 and the assistance service we can provide, as Air Europa is the main and only operator of this fleet in Spain” , finishes Macías.


Air Europa is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, formed by 19 airlines that, for 19 years, have worked together as a large global network serving more than 630 million passengers a year. Air Europa's fleet is one of the most modern on the continent. It comprises more than 50 aircraft with an average age of no more than 4 years. The company is part of the Globalia Group and is a leader in environmental preservation processes. In 2018, the German environmental organization Atmosfair ranked Air Europa as the most efficient European network airline on the basis of climate efficiency.

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