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The Embraer order and delivery reported for June 2021 has been "collected"*, view below:

Infographic: Orders and Deliveries Embraer (ERJ) Commercial Aircrafts – June 2021

Deliveries in June 2021: 6 deliveries to 4 customers (Of which: 1 E170, 1 E175LR and 4 E195-E2).

• Orders in June 2021: 17 E175LR.

With information published by the One Mile at a Time news website, the 30 Embraer E195-E2 mentioned in April 2021 from an uninformed customer, indicates that they are from the Canadian airline Porter Airlines. Embraer confirmed through its second-quarter delivery report on the Porter order.

• Cancellations in June 2021:Not Informed.*.

• Backlog in June 2021: 306 aircrafts.


* NOTE: * Data collected on NEW AIRCRAFT bases ONLY, DOES NOT INCLUDE USED AIRCRAFT. Information collected through data by Planespotters.net and with information collected by the Embraer Press Release on Twitter and the official website of the manufacturer. Embraer discloses results of deliveries and orders for quarterly periods.

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