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VOEPASS Airlines Intends to Operate with Boeing 737NG Family Aircraft

A pioneer in the domestic market and the oldest commercial airline in Brazil in operation to this day, the airline VOE PASS based in Ribeirão Preto (RAO), a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo, has been following the recovery of the economy and the increased demand for air travel, the airline is represented by the companies Passaredo and MAP Airlines, has started the process of including in its operations the aircraft manufactured by the US manufacturer Boeing models 737-700NG and 737-800NG, with capacity for 144 and 180 seats.


VOEPASS Airlines Intends to Operate with Boeing 737NG Family Aircraft | MORE THAN FLY
Image © VoePASS - Disclosure. 

VOEPASS currently operates a fleet of 15 regional turboprop aircraft models ATR 42 and ATR 72, with a capacity of 48 to 70 passengers. The inclusion of larger jet aircraft in the network aims to adapt the offer and performance of the airline to the traffic at Congonhas Airport (CGH), one of the busiest in Latin America.


"We understand that the adjustment of the fleet, with the inclusion of equipment with greater capacity, will complement our strategy for serving medium-sized regional markets, enhancing operations at Congonhas Airport", says Eduardo Busch, CEO of VOEPASS Airlines.


The company also highlights the opportunity to increase its participation in Congonhas Airport. The terminal will go through a process of expansion of the current number of daily operations, generating the creation of a new bank of slots and its consequent distribution.


"We are investing to certify the Boeing 737 in our operations, believing in the recovery of the economy and the tourism sector in our country. We are already preparing to accompany the opportunities for expanding the movement of Congonhas Airport, which is a fundamental step in our business plan, which remains focused on the development and expansion of the Brazilian regional air network", emphasizes José Luiz Felício Filho, President of VOEPASS.


It is estimated that commercial flights with the new aircraft are scheduled to start in the first half of 2022. The number of new aircraft to be acquired will be defined according to slot distributions, as well as the definition of the air network.


Passaredo is one of the oldest Brazilian airlines in operation, having started its flights in 1995, where it operated at that time with the classic Airbus A310. In 2019, the controllers of Passaredo acquired the shareholding control of MAP Airlines, forming the new brand VOEPASS Airlines. It currently serves 31 destinations in all regions of Brazil, with a fleet of 15 aircraft model ATR 42 and ATR 72. The company has 1100 direct jobs, being the fourth largest airline in Brazil according to August 2021 data from ANAC (an aviation regulatory agency in Brazil). In the pre-pandemic moment, the company served 47 destinations throughout Brazil, having completely paralyzed its operations from March 23 to July 3, 2020, leaving 102 days without operating. The company operates under the IOSA certification, an international operational excellence certificate issued by IATA, and is a member of ABEAR (Brazilian Airline Association) and ALTA (Association of Latin American airlines). It operates through commercial agreements with GOL Linhas Aéreas and LATAM Airlines.

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