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GOL Started Direct Flights from Guarulhos (GRU) to Pelotas (PET)


On January 17, 2022, GOL (B3 - IBOV: GOLL4) started a new direct destination for Rio Grande do Sul. Exactly two months after Paulo Kakinoff – president of GOL – announced with local authorities at Palácio Piratini, in Porto Alegre, the 4 new destinations for GOL in Rio Grande do Sul for 2022 (Pelotas, Uruguaiana, Santo Ângelo and Santa Maria), the first of which was implemented. 

GOL Started Direct Flights from Guarulhos (GRU) to Pelotas (PET) | MORE THAN FLY
In the departure lounge in Guarulhos, on the right, Governor Eduardo Leite and the president of GOL, Paulo Kakinoff, on the left, cut the lane of the inaugural flight direct to Pelotas, the Company's new destination, together with the team of airport agents Guarulhos.
 Photo © Gustavo Mansur | Palácio Piratini.

The direct and inaugural Guarulhos (GRU)-Pelotas (PET) flight, number G3 1222, departed at 3:45 pm and landed in the southern city of Rio Grande do Sul at 5:45 pm. For people from Pelotas bound for São Paulo, the direct flight G3 1223, also commemorative, took off at 6:35 pm on the same day, landing in Guarulhos at 8:20 pm.

GOL's newest route now conveniently and quickly connects an important hub in the state with the commercial and financial center of Brazil, allowing Customers to quickly connect to the entire country and abroad. This is the reason for the celebration that took place at both airports, Guarulhos and Pelotas, with the presence of Company executives and authorities from Rio Grande do Sul, the long-awaited lane cuts and special speeches in the departure lounges and on board.


The Guarulhos-Pelotas flight was attended by Paulo Kakinoff, president of GOL, Eduardo Leite, governor of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and Pelotas, Commander Alberto Fajerman, adviser to the Company's president and responsible for the speech given on boarding in Guarulhos, by Ciro Camargo, manager of Institutional Relations and International Development at GOL, and a crew made up of Collaborators exclusively from Pelotas and the region: Commander Manoel Burg, born in Rio Grande and chief pilot of the Company, Felipe Rodrigues, co-pilot, the heads cabin crew Suzane Sousa e Mielke and flight attendant Patanjali - all from Pelotas. GOL Customers who arrived in the city of Rio Grande do Sul were kindly welcomed with sweets, in keeping with the purest local tradition.


GOL Started Direct Flights from Guarulhos (GRU) to Pelotas (PET) | MORE THAN FLY
Upon arrival in Pelotas, Paulo Kakinoff - president of GOL, Eduardo Leite - governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Paula Mascarenhas - mayor of Pelotas, Ranolfo Vieira Júnior - vice governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Idemar Barz - vice -Mayor of Pelotas, Luiz Henrique Viana -- Secretary of Environment and Infrastructure.
 Photo © Gustavo Mansur | Palácio Piratini.

“GOL's commitment to regional expansion has long been a way of increasing our business, contributing to the generation of wealth for the states and regions involved and, above all, favoring the Company's Customers, who now have more convenience and speed to reach large urban centers, with total security. Pelotas brings us vast profiles of Clients: leisure, business, student, among others. It is an honor for GOL to be part of this new moment in Rio Grande do Sul”, says Paulo Kakinoff, president of GOL.


“Starting the year with a new route with the relevance of Guarulhos-Pelotas, GOL's newest destination, is a gift for the Company, for the people of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul and for the entire country. Recognized as an important cultural and business hub, Pelotas now has a direct line with the Brazilian commercial and economic center, and the projections for this established flow are the most promising in terms of expansion and development”, bets Ciro Camargo, Institutional Relations and International Development manager at GOAL.


There are 4 round trips per week between Guarulhos, one of GOL's main hubs, and the city of Pelotas. The flights are operated by the Company with a Boeing 737-700, with a capacity for 138 passengers.


GOL Started Direct Flights from Guarulhos (GRU) to Pelotas (PET) | MORE THAN FLY
Team of GOL Employees in Pelotas/RS.
Photo © Gustavo Mansur | Palácio Piratini.

Next destinations: Uruguaiana, Santo Ângelo and Santa Maria


In its extensive air network, the Company already includes the cities of Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul and Passo Fundo. With Pelotas, there are currently 4 destinations served in Rio Grande do Sul. Throughout the year, this number will jump to 7 destinations, with the start of operations in Uruguaiana, Santo Ângelo and Santa Maria.


In addition to Pelotas, the city of Santo Ângelo (GEL) will receive direct flights to São Paulo/Guarulhos operated by GOL with a Boeing 737-700, as of July 4, 2022. The Uruguaiana (URG)-Guarulhos route is the result of of a partnership between GOL and VOEPASS. It starts on April 5, 2022, with three round trips per week. In this case, the tickets are sold exclusively by GOL, and the flights are operated by the partner company with the ATR 72 aircraft, which has a capacity of 68 passengers. Also a partnership between the Company and VOEPASS, the Santa Maria (RIA)-Guarulhos route will start on October 26, 2022.

In all these destinations, flight schedules are planned so that Customers have quick access in Guarulhos to the connections made available by GOL throughout the country and abroad, and for Brazilians from the most diverse states, so that they can travel to the cities from the interior of Rio Grande do Sul with agility and comfort.


*NOTE: This publication was written in Portuguese (Brazil) and automatically translated by Google robots to English. MORE THAN FLY, adopted Google technology for everyone around the world to have access to information and optimize our time and budget with translations. We ask for common sense to take into account translation errors. After all, every robot is limited and is never compared to the superiority of a human intelligence.

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