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 For the First Time, LATAM Replaces the Landing Gear of the Boeing 777-300ER in Latin America

For the First Time, LATAM Replaces the Landing Gear of the Boeing 777-300ER in Latin America | MORE THAN FLY


LATAM Brasil has just completed the first landing gear change of a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft (registration PT-MUE – Papa Tango Mike Uniform Echo) in Latin America. By internalizing the performance of this procedure in the facilities of its CML (Line Maintenance Center), in Guarulhos (SP), the company will have a cost reduction of approximately 50% compared to the execution of the service by external maintenance centers.


The landing gear is the structure that includes wheels, tires, brakes and shock absorbers and is responsible for ensuring the safety of each landing and take-off. Executing the process internally proves the technical capacity of LATAM's maintenance team and contributes to increasing the company's competitiveness.


The replacement of the aircraft's landing gear took 11 days and required hours of work by 36 professionals, including mechanics, inspectors, engineers and planners from CML Guarulhos and LATAM MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) located in São Carlos (SP). The teams were divided into two shifts, to dedicate themselves fully to the project. As it is the first exchange carried out internally by the company, the service execution time is considered extremely competitive in relation to that practiced in the market, since that external maintenance centers may take longer to perform the same procedure.

For the First Time, LATAM Replaces the Landing Gear of the Boeing 777-300ER in Latin America | MORE THAN FLY
The logistics of the landing gear support ("leg") being transported to LATAM's CML in Guarulhos.
Photo © LATAM - Disclosure.

For the First Time, LATAM Replaces the Landing Gear of the Boeing 777-300ER in Latin America | MORE THAN FLY
The landing gear support ("leg") awaiting assembly on the Boeing 777 (PT-MUE) at LATAM's CML facility in Guarulhos.
Photo © LATAM - Disclosure.

The decision to perform the service at LATAM Brasil's facilities came after the company identified that there is a lack of maintenance companies in the world with the capacity to receive this aircraft model and perform the services within the deadline to be met. The initiative was so successful that the company is even evaluating whether it will change the landing gear of other Boeing 777-300ER model aircraft in its fleet.


“Internalizing this service gives LATAM Brasil more flexibility and autonomy, which can choose the best time to take the aircraft out of operation to start the procedure. This is yet another front for the Company to increase our competitiveness and aircraft availability for a safe and punctual operation”, emphasizes Alexandre Peronti, Director of Maintenance at LATAM Brazil.


After replacing the landing gear set in this aircraft model, which needs to be changed every 10 years and has two underwing and one nose landing gear, totaling 14 wheels, several tests were carried out, as determined by the aircraft manual. Manufacturer, to validate and evaluate the operation of all mechanisms and controls that the component must perform during flight.


For example, the opening and closing commands were tested, as well as light, sensors and braking system tests. Check out the video:


LATAM Brasil already internally replaces the landing gear of all Airbus A320 family aircraft. The replacement is carried out at the CML in Guarulhos, at the LATAM MRO in São Carlos and at the company's hangar in Congonhas.


The component replacement and tests were completed on February 25, and the aircraft is now undergoing preventive maintenance, in compliance with the manufacturer's requirements. The forecast is that the Boeing 777-300ER (registration PT-MUE) will be released to return to operation later this week. The replaced landing gear will undergo a general overhaul process by the manufacturer, abroad, to restore its reliability, before returning to LATAM Brazil.



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