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On Father's Day in Brazil, LATAM Surprises the Captain by Calling his Rehired First Officer Son for the Same Flight

Father's Day in Brazil is a milestone date for many Brazilians and, to celebrate it, LATAM surprised Captain Sérgio Sola, promoting a meeting with his two sons, First Officer, one of whom is part of the 750 pilots and flight attendant contracts - published here – which are being carried out by the company to support its resumption of flights.


Video: Father and Rehired Son Fly Together for the First Time in Father's Day Week in Brazil | MORE THAN FLY
Image © LATAM - by YouTube.

In addition to crew members, the company, which has already taken over 75% of its domestic seat supply in Brazil, is also hiring 1,000 airport employees - we publish here - and, in June, began hiring 180 professionals for its center of aircraft maintenance in São Carlos (SP). These data reinforce LATAM's optimism as the vaccination process progresses.


Aviators Family


For 23 years at LATAM, Captain Sola saw his sons, Alexandre and Nicholas Sola, follow in his footsteps in aviation and become pilots. The aviatior's family operates in the company, but last year, with the pandemic, Nicholas Sola was one of the company's dismissals. Now, with his return, LATAM has promoted the reunion of father and son.


And, for those who love flying, an action like this could only be performed during a trip. Therefore, the three were scheduled for the same flight, LA3415 (São Paulo/Congonhas – Fortaleza), on July 30th. However, Captain Sola only knew about Alexandre's participation in the flight – he had no idea of ​​the participation of his son Nicholas, who had been rehired by LATAM. The exciting video of the action was shared on Friday, August 6, 2021, watch the video below.


An Exciting Speech


Anyone who knows aviation well knows that before an aircraft departs – and also upon its arrival – the so-called speech is made, a greeting from the captain to passengers, with information about the flight. And the surprise began to be announced to all passengers by the flight attendant Paolo Fernandes, when he informed that the flight was conducted by father and son: Captain Sola and First Officer Alexandre Sola. "This is a very special flight for us, as we know the importance of being with those we love the most," said the flight attendant.


Then, to his father's surprise, Nicholas took over the greetings to the passengers, telling him that he had recently been rehired.


“I was recently invited to return to LATAM as First Officer, after a few months out due to the pandemic, and today being here wearing this uniform, on a flight where my father and brother are pilots, is a very special moment. In August we celebrated parents' month, and LATAM provided me with this opportunity to honor mine”, he highlighted.


“Father, my speech today is for you: For 28 years I have had at home the best example of love, friendship, value, humility, perseverance. Your life trajectory so far inspires everyone who knows you, and today I can say that I live the dream of sharing the same profession, in the same company that has been part of our family for more than two decades”, concluded Nicholas.


After the declaration, Sérgio Sola found his son in the cabin and hugged him emotionally and to the applause of the passengers. For LATAM, the action symbolizes, in a positive way, not only the resumption of the sector, but also the positioning of a more human and empathetic company that, through its flights, connects people to their dreams.


Watch the exciting video of this action below:

* This article was robotically translated from Portuguese Brazil to English by Google Translator.

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